Credit Counseling Class

Financial Fitness and Credit Rebuilding

How well are you handling your money?

Are you ready to take control of your debt and build wealth?

Are you willing to do what it takes today in order to have a great tomorrow?

DASH’s financial fitness and credit counseling program provides one-on-one assistance to help clients meet their personal financial goals.  By resolving credit issues and developing personal financial management skills, families can take control of their finances and build a solid financial foundation.  

Our Financial Fitness and Credit Rebuilding Program covers:

  • Savings and budgeting
  • Credit reporting agencies and credit reports
  • Credit scoring
  • How to correct errors on a credit report
  • Setting goals and creating a spending plan to meet your financial goals
  • Ways to establish credit
  • How to manage debt
  • Trimming expenses and finding ways to save
  • Your rights as a consumer
  • Ways to reduce identity theft

  DASH is a HUD certified Housing Counseling Agency