Credit Counseling Class


Buying a home can be a daunting process without the proper tools and guidance.  Because of this, the DASH Housing and Credit Counseling Center has developed a pre-purchase assessment and counseling process that will guide potential borrowers through the complicated pre-qualification and mortgage process.  By working closely to address all obstacles that a potential homebuyer might have, we ensure that clients are “mortgage ready” when they apply for a loan.  

Our Pre-purchase Program covers:

  • Mortgage loan basics
  • How lenders decide whether to give you a mortgage loan
  • Calculating how much you can borrow
  • Affordability and you
  • Strategies for finding the right lender and loan product
  • Working with a lender
  • Your rights as a loan customer
  • The loan application
  • The loan approval process
  • How to avoid foreclosure
  • Home owners Insurance

 DASH is a HUD certified Housing Counseling Agency